In order to create a beautiful CV, you don’t have to be a designer or an artist. Today it’s so simple and people still don’t take this step in order to stand out from the crowd. Be original and find something that may change your life forever. It’s not only about your abilities, it’s also how you present yourself and want to be better than everyone else.

Today you can use multiple prepared templates that will make your CV look professional and most importantly, it’s going to stand out. We’ve listed multiple marketplaces where you can find a template you’re looking for. We hope this is going to help and don’t forget to thank us later 😉

1. Monster

Monster is an online resource that combines multiple topics in one place. When it comes to CV or job seeking it’s probably one of the most useful places. You can find from CV templates to Cover Letters. There are a bunch of sections and if you’re just starting out with your job searching process, you’ll find many useful pieces of advice.

2. Uptowork

Uptowork is a bit pricey but hey, you’re looking for a job, not for another coffee that you’re going to drink and forget about it the next day. This is a place where you can find ready made templates for your cv. Don’t think how to create your resume, just use a previously designed theme and find a great job quicker.

3. Overleaf

Overleaf is not fully related to resumes and for seekers in general but in their database, you should be able to find many free templates. It’s probably a good choice if you’re really out of money and looking for a solution to get started quicker. Don’t hesitate to grab a copy or two and experiment with what you find there.

4. TheBalance

TheBalance has put together a list of things you need to think about when creating a winners cv. We’ve seen many examples and solutions but they were able to nail it down to the most important things only. We really believe that creating a CV is not an easy process and if you follow the steps, it should ease up the process. Don’t just read it through, make sure you implement what they say.

5. Reed.Co.Uk

Are you sick of career advice from successful people who have already found the job? Stop listening to them, they are not in your position and probably they’ve forgotten how to even look for a job. Check this article and you’ll be more confident what to look for next time.

Great, now you’re prepared for the next step. The next step is to find someone who can help you with what you’ve already created.

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