Imagine the routine when you go to work every day. Everything you look at may look the same. Using the same road, eating in the same place, riding the same bus or car EVERY SINGLE DAY may sound depressing. And to be honest – it is! Now, imagine the HR person going through the same day for many months or even years in a row. Also, add many boring CV’s that the current employee needs to go through. Doesn’t that sound bad just by reading this? But what can you do to surprise the HR person?

Well, we’ve already prepared a winning CV during the step 1 and we’re ready to make another killer move!

How to hand in your CV the best?

First of all, you need to respect the company and person who’s behind it if they really ask you to follow a certain process to apply for a job. It means that they have a process in place and most likely they’re looking for very specific skills. But, most companies just tell you to send your CV to an email, which is boring and sometimes less entertaining.

Excuse me, you have a letter, Sir!

This is how to get a job for real! Today, when sending a standard email, it may get lost or even left unopened. There are so many emails coming in that some filters may even mark your message as spam because of the files you’ve attached.

The letter above is a quick example of what can be done differently. Send a standard envelope with your CV and an application letter + add a quick note in the envelope that says something like: “Hello, Sir! I just wanted to quickly introduce myself and hope this is not going to take a lot of your time to read this through because this is probably the only CV you’ll need to read!”

That small note already says everything: your attitude, your personality etc. You’re being polite that you kind a tried to stand out but also it shows confidence in your personality and believe me, no one wants to hire a loser. Everyone is looking for a winner if we’re talking about a team that doesn’t work for government (ok, this is just my own personal opinion).

As you can see, standing out from the crowd is not that hard, it just requires a few more extra steps that I can guarantee 95% of applications are not willing to make. Now, you’re fully prepared to get that position and make sure you really stand behind your words! Good luck, fella!