Have you thought about what you should do next once you’re done with your CV writing? No, you’re wrong! The next step is not to send it to everyone. The next step is to check it, validate it with friends and acquaintances. If you’ve done your homework well and your new Curriculum Vitae looks stunning, there’s a great opportunity that you’ll find your job quicker than you think.

The magic may happen – Finding a job using friends

Often, when you send your CV to your friends, they’ll finally get to know you better and read it through. Some may even pass it to someone else whom they respect and believe could do a better job than themselves. And imagine what happens when so many people spread the word about you? Yes, you’ll be able to find a job without actually looking for it. Someone could accidentally send it to a person who knows a person etc.. After suggesting this to some of my friends, I’ve noticed that it really works. Often, when your CV looks as good as the template you’ve chosen, miracles happen.

Oh well, let’s look for a job

Obviously, it’s not always the case, sometimes it doesn’t work that way and you still need to look for a job yourself. But now you have a lot of feedback on things you can improve. Take all advice with a pinch of salt and you should be good with all the preparation.

By being patient enough, the job will come soon enough. The main goal for you during the searching process is to spread the work, make sure people understand what you’re looking for and what are your capabilities. So let’s go through some of these points:

  • Make sure that people know your strengths – when you’re good at something, people will notice that because everything you’re going to do, is going to look natural.
  • Understand what you like – no one will ever tell you what you like. Do your homework and prepare the list of your ‘likes’.
  • Find books and study them – while you’re looking for something, don’t stop learning. If you’re not going to improve you don’t stand still, you get worse.
  • Don’t forget about your daily routine – success comes to those who are prepared. Keep your daily routine as if you’d have a job. I.e. wake up at the same time every day, go to bed early, stay busy doing things and don’t even think about being lazy and staying in bed for more than necessary to recreate your energy for the next day.

Ok, you’re ready for the next step.

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